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Hi my name is There'sa Ogburn and I had my car painted a year ago and they tried twice without satisfaction. I want to give a big kudos to your new manager at the Vallejo CA office for finally doing it right.

He was very nice and made sure I was satisfied. Thank you and him for everything. Just wish that Carlos would have did it like this the first time.

Oh it is a Pontiac Sunfire painted blue with a white strip for my Dallas Cowboys. : ) I figured that if I was going to contact the main office with complaints as a have a few times, well then the least I can do is give a compliment.

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Guess what, one supposed "good" paint job on top of two crappy paint jobs is like sitting around watching a hand grenade ready to blow up. Your lucky the blue paint didn't peel off when they masked off for your goofy white stripes.

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