I came back form a deployment to Iraq for the Marine Corps in 2006. I saved up some cash and decided to finally get my 1971 camaro painted and start restoring it. As anything I looked around at Paint Shops and couldnt belive the Price that they wanted to charge me for a Paint Job so I continued my search. I came across Earl Sheib in oceanside California and took it in for a look. The Manager named Mike came out and looked at it and said he could take care of it and make it look like it is show ready for $900. that included removing and re-installing the Hood scoop that I had on it.

mike went on and on about old cars he had repainted and had pics of them hanging on his wall to show how much attention to detail him and his crew have on classics. so after that i went ahead and said sounds good.

2 days later I take the car down and drop it off with a rear spoiler I had jsut purchased for it adn signed all the paperwork. he walked over to the car and started marking on it all the areas that needed fixed. I was starting to feel good about it.

well 3 days later Mike calls me and says the car is ready and to come pic it up. so me with a huge smile on my face go down to the shop to see it. when i pull up it is sitting in the parking lot in this gorgeous Royal Blue metallic. The smile on my face got even bigger. I get out and start loookign it over and I noticed some small issues in the paint. Mike comes out and says I needed to bring the car back in 2 days so they could paint the door jambs for me. They had run out of the paint so he ordered some. then they hadn my spoiler to me. I looked it over and noticed that only the top of it was painted adn the bottom was still the original grey that it is molded in. I showed it to him and he says. "Oh wow I am sorry leave it here adn my guys will take care of it.

So by now I am in a good mood still thinking that all will be well. HAHA to my surprise this is the beginning of the nightmare. I take the car back 2 days later for the door jambs. well i noticed the hood scoop starting to bubble. So i showed him and he said no wories they will take care of that too.

So i leave it there for another 3 days. come back to get it after a week of waiting and I got excited again. Well when i pull into the parking lot i see the car adn immediatley from a distance i noticed taht my brand new crager rimes had been painted on. I was pissed. Then i look over it more and notice that paint was all over the glass to include the inside of the car. i was hot then as the nightmare gets worse i look at the paint and there were all these bubbled of peices of dust stuck under the paint.

SoMike comes out and says well what do you think? I looked at him and said "Please tell me this is a joke adn that my car is actually hidden in a secret room. He says no it is right here. What you dont like it. I said are you F&^# kidding me. Look at it. the rims are painted the inisde is painted to include the glass. he looked me straight in the eye and said " Bro if you were looking for a professional paitn job you should have taken it somewere else. I cant gaurantee flaws in the paint." I looked at him and said well i want it fixed this is ***.

As we continued arguing I got the same answer as the others I am sure. Call my supervisor and he will tell you the same. But the bonus to it were he thought he was making me a deal was he had a can of Acetoyne sitting in the backseat so I could clean up the excess paint.

So i get in the car upset and furious and drive off. Spent the next 2 weeks cleaning up the flaws. After 6 months I noticed that the paint was cracking on the hood were they supposedly fixed the hood scoop. So i take it back since I had purchased the 6 year warranty. i get there adn ask for Mike. Another gentlemen comes out and says sorry mike was let go. I laughed and said well about time. So i explain what happened. He says well i will fix the issues. We want your business in the future. So i show him the hood adn he looks at the paperwork and says sorry. There is nothing I can do. he never mentioned it on the paperwork about replacing the hood So it is going to cost you $650 to have it redone adn I cant promise that I can match the color they used.

So again I drive off furious. it has been 2 years since then adn now the paint on my car is completely oxidized and cant be buffed out. So now i have to pay to get it redone.

It is ashame that there is a company that has warranties on the work but when it is a issue they will not even back it up. I can tell you since then i have never recommended them to anyone for work to get done. I would rather take a rattle can to my car. I think even that I would get a better quality paint job then with Earl Schieb.

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I appretiate your serving our country,but it sounds like you don't know any more than some dumb chick bringing her car to Earl schieb!?


your ***..yeap


to ceasar delarosa spic english *** lamigra is coming for you!


lmfao @ you you idiots all fall for that warranty ***


If the hood repair was not on the invoice then you didn't pay anything to have it repaired. Who is trying to scam who???????????



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