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I see a lot of reviews on Earl Scheib, as I was looking to have a car painted. I liked Earl Scheib's paint, they just didn't prep worth a *** (at all) so if you sand and mask yourself - it's a *** good job! Found out that there's a lot of shops using the name, but Earl Scheib as a company is no longer due to the fact they couldn't afford to honor the warranties (go figure)..... Read more

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I had Earl's boys paint my 1972 Malibu for $99.95 back when that was his schtick. Per my instructions they painted everything but the windows, chrome and wheels. Also per my instructions they painted over the duct tape covering the rust on the rocker panels. From 20 feet away the car looked great. They did try to sell me a special body preparation service and primer layer for another hundred but I just washed the bird *** off myself. I also... Read more

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This paint shop gives you a terrible paint job. I had a PT Cruiser with a professional blue color that I wanted to be painted red. I got a terrible paint job with bubbles, peeling paint, and after I informed the shop they gave me the excuse that they could not fix it because the car had armor all. However, my car had it before they painted it but they used this as an excuse not to fix the problem of the paint job I was given. This paint job... Read more

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Theres an old saying: you get what you pay for. Add comment

Don't go to Earl Scheib they were never any good and have been doing crappy work for decades ! Add comment

I have paint dripping on both doors and uneven coverage drippung chipping on hood. Did not sand car before painting it all inperfections ib od paint showing un new paint. Add comment

I bought my life time warranty back in 2007, and the paint has started to chip and look chalky. Took it to the exact same place, stated that they are not earl schieb anymore and that they wouldn't honor it. He actually had the guts to say bring me the car and I'll give you a price. I took a business card to placate him, but it still says that they are doing business as Earl Scheib, so they should still be liable right? All I want is the service... Read more

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We spent more than $1,200 for a paint job that had lifetime warranty and the company went out of business. There are still Earl Scheib paint stores, but they don't honor the warranty. The car looks worse than before. The paint rubs off and is peeling. The old paint started showing under the new color. I am asking for a new paint job and not money back, but none of the stores honor the warranty. I am more than angry that I was taken so badly.... Read more

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I took my car to Earl Scheib to get the body of my car straightened, replace my cracked tail light, reseal my back window & top of the line paint job for my entire car. Rich the owner gave me a quote & assured me that all of my expecations for my car would be met & quoted me about $2273. I dropped my car off & picked it up about a week and a half later to find my car with completely different taillights then what we had discussed, pits all over... Read more

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My brother had a paint job known as Pro4. The original receipts says warranty lasted for a life time.What should we do? I want to filecharges with the Attorney General's office.The car's paint job is horrible and if you look at their paperwork that we have it says guaranteed to last a lifetime. After trying to get in touch with Earl Schieb, I stumbled over this web site. Its a shame that they aren't honoring the suggested services that they... Read more

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